Your passion, your success Your passion, your success Your passion, your success
Your passion, your success
Here at Moon Dust, we do things differently
Business Development
Business Development
After 15 years of running our own business and growing other peoples, this has become our key area of expertise. Moon Dust has helped start, grow, and sell many of our client’s successful businesses, and each phase has its own challenges. We will work with you as a business owner to help set your goals, monitor your progress, fine tune plans to changes in the law and achieve your outcomes.
Funds Management
Funds Management
At Moon Dust we are specialists in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). We can help you get started, manage and administer your SMSF, so you can achieve the maximum benefits for you, your kids and all those hanging out for an inheritance. We have an unsurpassed team of SMSF experts, we call them smurfs, that you can call on to ensure that your fund remains compliant with all relevant regulations.
Moon Dust is structured to make your tax returns as pain free and cost effective as possible. In order to make tax less of a chore we offer all our clients our personal tax organiser. Our deceptively simple tools enables our clients to organise their papers, check the list, then contact us for an appointment. The end result is a personalised, high quality, stress-free service at highly competitive prices, fully tax deductible.
“Can you believe accounting can be enjoyable?”
I've been with Moon Dust for 5 years now and every end-of-year service gets easier and easier. actually makes accounting enjoyable, in that he takes it away from me so I can enjoy myself more!
— Paul
“Money isn't everything, but it sure helps.”
Getting on in life I need to be sure I ready for my retirement. This involves making sure we have enough money so I can afford the golf club membership ... so I can ensure I get my husband out from under me! Moon Dust advisors gave me the confidence that our marriage can now go on for a long time.
— Sarah
“ allows me to get on with what I'm good at.”
I run my own business and have to say I'm not the most organised person. Receipts here, reports there. My job is to create great art, not worry about money matters. But I now don't need to. is a dream boat and sorts all of this out for me.
— Kathy
loves to drive fast cars but the adrenaline can only last so long before getting back behind a desk. That's because also loves numbers, little ones, big ones, all of them. This interest, along with tax minimisation and succession planning allows clients to reap the benefits. Coming from tradie parents but living in a rural area has given an affinity to work hard and with hard working people.